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We are Muslims, too


It is not possible for Abraham to be either a Jew or a Christian as he is the forefather of all.  When they were raising the foundations of the House of God, i.e., Ka’ba, Abraham and his son Ismael prayed to be two Muslims to God and to have a Muslim progeny, too (Qur’an 2:128).  “Abraham was not a Jew nor a Christian, but he was true in faith and a Muslim.  He joined not gods with God (3:67).”  What is a Muslim then?  Qur’an tells us that Muslims existed among the ancient people and nations and uses the word in the sense ‘one who bowes to the will of God.’ 


Inviting his people to the true path, Noah said to have been commanded by God to be of the Muslims (10:72).  When defeated by the miracle of Moses, the magicians of Pharaoh decided to join Moses’ religion announcing they became Muslims (7:126).  When talking to his people, Moses said them (the Jews): “Put your trust in God, if you are Muslims (10:84).”  Even Pharaoh, when overwhelmed with the flood, he said he was a Muslim like the children of Israel (10:90).  When Jacob was about to die, he asked his twelve sons, the fathers of the tribes: what they would worship after him.  They said they were and would remain Muslims to his God, the God of his fathers, Abraham, Ismael and Isaac (2:132-133).  Josef prayed God to die as a Muslim (12:101).  The Queen of Sheba was a Muslim (27:42).  The apostles asked Jesus to bear witness that they were Muslims (3:53; 5:111).  When the Qur’an was revealed, some who heard of it among the Jews and Christians claimed to have always been Muslims before, too (28:53).  So, Islam has not started with Muhammad, rather completed with him, the final prophet of God. 


God governs the whole universe in a perfect order which results from the absolute obedience of the divine rules by the whole universe.  This is stated in the Qur’an as whatever in the heavens and on earth have bowed to His Will, meaning, became Muslims (3:83).  Qur’an says: Set your face steadily and truly to the religion, Allah’s pattern according to which he has created mankind (30:30).


So, we are living in a universe that submitted to the will of God.  We are human being set in such a way to bow to the will of God.  It is Him who called those who have submitted themselves to Him since Adam as Muslims (22:78).  Then, who is better in speech than one who says I am of those who bow to God, a Muslim? (41:33).  So, Muslims today are the followers of the Muslims of old times.




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